An empath is one who feels and understands the experiences of others. Empathy is the action of understanding. It is connecting with other beings through their joy or suffering, and adopting it as if it were our own. This shared experience affects us so profoundly that we are compelled to change what we wear, what we use and what we eat.

Our lifestyle is the byproduct of empathy and the result of how we respond to pain - of our own species, our fellow earthlings, and our planet. We discover a compassion for all things and a desire to act on behalf of all beings. We pursue ways to perpetuate joy and mitigate suffering. Simply put, empaths are the embodiment of what it means to treat others as we wish to be treated.

Live the Golden Rule.


“Treat others as you wish to be treated."

This rule is known throughout all the world, in every teaching, religion and worldview - and we believe that 'others' is not exclusive to our own kind, but is also inclusive of all non-human sentient life.